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Custom DTF Prints

T-Shirts and more

Upload, size and have your custom design printed today!

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DTF Custom Tranfers


2 - 4 business day turnaround times

*Does not include Holidays and shipping times*
Software is mobile compatible. 
(Refreshing your screen may be necessary)
For best results use a laptop or desktop.
Software features
Upload and arrange your custom design ~ Transparent Space removal tool ~ Add text to your design ~ Photo sizing feature
DTF printing technology is a game changer in the printing industry, offering versatility, unlimited colors, and the ability to print on a wide variety of fabrics. With Truprints, you can customize your design with an unlimited number of colors, creating a truly unique and personalized product.  
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  1. Select your desired Sheet Size
  2. Upload and size your design. 
  3. If images are uploaded with a background, It will be printed.  
  4. Confirm and Submit 

ACCEPTABLE FILE FORMAT PNG FILES Please ensure your artwork is free of transparent pixels. A transparent pixel is a semi colored or transparent area of your artwork. These are frequently caused from background removal sites or unintentional apple pencil strikes. Transparent pixels are not visible to the naked eye; however, the printer does see them and will print them. Transparent pixels will print white. We are not responsible for reprinting artwork due to transparent pixels.

Sizing Charts

The chart below gives you the length and width t-shirts based on size.  This is important when determining how long a design can be based on the size of your shirt.
men and women.png
max t size chart.png
Transfer sizes below are displayed on adult large size T-Shirt
left chest 1.png

Left Chest Placement Sizes 

  • Smaller Size 2.5" Wide - 2.5" Tall

  • Standard 3.5" wide - 3.5" Tall

  • Larger Size 4.5" Wide - 4.5" Tall

  • Distance from the collar should form 3" - 4" 

  • The Height is based on your design

  • IMAGE SHOWN: 3.84"W X 1.5"H

Center Chest Placement Sizes 

  • Smaller Size: 6"Wide - 6"Tall

  • Standard Size: 8"wide - 8"Tall

  • Larger: Size 10" - Wide - 10" Tall

  • Distance from the collar should form 4" - 5" 

  • The Height is based on your design

  • IMAGE SHOWN:  6"W X 7.53"H

  • IMAGE SHOWN: 8"W X 10"H

tru astro 6inch.png
tru astro 8 INCH.png

Full Front Placement Sizes 

  • Smaller Size:10" Wide - 12" Tall

  • Standard Size:12" wide - 14" Tall

  • Larger Size: 13" Wide - 15" Tall

  • Distance from the collar should form 3" - 4" 

  • The Height is based on your design

  • IMAGE SHOWN: 12"W X 15"H


Oversized Placement Sizes 

  • Oversized Print:14"Wx15-19"H

  • Distance from the collar should form 3" - 4" 

  • The Height is based on your design

  • IMAGE SHOWN 15"X16"H

In Store Hours: Tuesday-Friday 11am to 6pm est. Saturdays 11am 2pm est.
Sunday and Monday - Closed
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